Чеські фірми Чумакова-Кернеса

Officials of Kharkiv city hall and their relatives actively began to register firms in the Czech Republic. Among the business owners are relatives of the officials of the Department of Construction and Road Economy, the chairman of this Department, Volodymyr Chumakov and even the Mayor – Gennady Kernes.

In a report titled “Naked King”: leisure, business and property of Gennady Kernes ” from “Our Money” TV program by BIHUS.info, it was stated that the daughter of Chumakov and Kernes’s nephew Rodion Haysinsky are co-owners of a firm in the Czech Republic.

We are talking about Inter Tech Praha s.r.o.

According to KhAC, this company was established in 2017, and Alina Chumakova and Haysynsky entered this company a year later. The first founder was Volodymyr Lytvyn. He and his family members are virtually in all firms that are associated with Kharkiv’s citizens.

This company is engaged in the supply of pipes to Ukraine, particularly for LLC “VSS-System”. The founders of this company are Nellie Ushakova and Alexander Zhovtotbryuh. The latter was the Deputy Chief of the Department of Road Economy of Chumakovs’s Department.

And his wife still works there, as well as several other relatives of the staff of this Department.

So it is not surprising that “VSS-System” has already won tender processes worth 21 million UAH in Chumakov’s department and another 5 mln. in the public utility company KharkivVodokanal.

And it is not surprising that, for the sake of victory of such a closely associated company, they immediately rejected three cheaper offers.

But back to the Czech Republic, where we find another firm – Parmus Nova s.r.o. Now this one is registered to none other than Zhovtobruh. And his partner in this company is Inna Kyivskaya – the wife of Department Director Chumakov’s Deputy.

So it is not surprising that a representative of the Lytvyn-Galina family created this company for them.

There is another newly created company – Prof Materials s.r.o., registered to the the Department Director’s wife, Olga Chumakova.

According to internet portal Importgenius, this company also supplies goods to Ukraine. Its counterpart is LLC “Trackline”, which receives contracts from utility companies, which answer to the city council. Moreover, they are now expecting to sign an agreement with the public utility company “Shlyakhrembud”, which is subordinated to Chumakov.

The company was founded by Volodymyr Lytvyn, after which it was registered to Mrs. Chumakova and a resident of Moscow Marina Popova.

These Czech companies are not manufacturers – they are only shell companies, which are used to raise the cost of goods sold.

As for Chumakov and Kernes, their partnership is an old one. So, the preferred partner in repairing the roads of the city is Parking +, which was founded and headed by Vladimir Chumakov until January 2010. Currently, Vyacheslav Blinkin (until recently Chumakov’s business partner), Oleg Gonchar and Dragon Investment Development Limited (Hong Kong) have been registered as the official owners of Parking +.

Oleg Gonchar is co-owner of LLC “Postulate XXI” along with another accomplice of Gennady Kernes – Alexander Korovkin.