Control over the land of UTG

The purpose of the project is to reduce corruption risks when transferring land from the State Geocodist to the disposal of OTG, to raise awareness of the heads of OTGs regarding their rights and responsibilities in carrying out this procedure.

Within the framework of the project, it is planned to conduct a full journalistic investigation of the case of Chkalov OTG with the publication in the media, with the help of a lawyer and an analyst to identify corruption risks in the transfer of land to the OTG, and to propose algorithms for reducing these risks, providing advice to the heads of new OTGs that are just planning to get in their Disposal of agricultural land from the State Dachshund.

The project is supported by the International Renaissance Foundation in cooperation with NGO “Nova Energiya”, which has experience working with OTG chairmen, as well as implementation of mechanisms for reducing corruption risks.